How To Draw The Golf Ball: The Perfect Way?

Many people aspire to play golf which often is either a pastime, hobby or at a professional level. Despite this many do not go on to a professional level at all if they are not able to start the game in a proper manner as a beginner.

This is because it is often very difficult to change your style and approach to your game if you start doing things on a wrong note when it comes to playing golf. If you begin right then it becomes easier when it comes to sharpening your skills rather than changing it altogether.

You would have to ensure that you have your basics covered which are the first step towards playing golf. In case you have your basis right you would not have to worry about the other things when it comes to playing golf at all.

It is always a better option to take help with getting your basics right than trying to do it all yourself. This way there are chances that you would not falter at a later point.

Here are a few things which you would want to keep in mind as well about your game:

  • Finding and using the correct attire
  • Getting to understand and know the rules of the game
  • Using the right equipment
  • Posture
  • Holding the golf club
  • Aiming
  • Planning your shot
  • Getting your swing right
  • Putting the golf ball in the hole chosen

Often people do not understand that playing golf can be simple if you do these steps right. You would not have to complicate things which can make playing golf a difficult thing altogether.

If you are able to get the right shots in the right places with the right equipment then you can be a winner with this game.

Understanding What Hitting A Draw Is:

One of the many shots people practice is hitting a draw or a fade. While professionals are able to get these shot right with relative ease an amateur golfer would have to put in a lot of practice before they are able to get it right.

Having said this, some people are said to be able to get this shot with natural talent as well. You can consider the handball technique used to make the ball curve in the air and use the same for golf as well.

These shots are also used to land the ball on the green at a spot that they desire to. Once you understand the science involved in this shot then it becomes much easier for you to get this shot right.

Stance and positioning your body right would also be important for you to hit a draw or a fade. The way you hit it in the right manner is the only thing that would stand in your way towards getting your shot right and getting the right elevation from the tee.

Getting the right path from the right to left for the ball would mean that your stance would have to adjusted a little bit.

Technique To Follow That Is Used Hit A Draw:

Your left armpit should be your guide where you would have to position or line up your golf ball. Then you would have to create a path which is right to left for the ball which is done usually by closing the stance of yours by an inch.

A sweeping arc should then be formed with the club after you start to take it straight and low. Then you can complete your swing with a good follow through as well. This is the technique which is followed by many golfers around the world when they choose to hit a draw.

Until you get your technique right there is no point in trying this shot in a completion. This is usually because there are more chances of you missing the landing spot of your golf ball if you do not get it right.

In case your golf club’s has more loft then it becomes all the more difficult to get the shot right. This is because the necessary side spin is difficult to obtain to make this shot possible. You can choose to use a dead straight shot rather than try and hit a draw until you are able to master this stroke.

Understanding the wind and the course would also increase your chances of getting a draw right. You would be able to overcome obstacles and control your circumstances with the wind if you are able to master this technique.

The more you practice this technique there larger your chances are of getting it right. You should not even think about getting it right without practice. The more time you spend practicing hitting a draw the larger your chances of getting it right.

Understanding the science behind the shot is equally important before you start practicing it. This way there are more chances of you getting it right rather than otherwise.

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